Add Warmth To Your Residence With A Fireplace Mantel

Exactly what’s a fire place without a fire place mantel? It would be a lonely hole in the wall surface were light comes from. Creepy isn’t it? A fireplace mantel is a sizable part of the entire fireplace setup of a house. Without the mantel, there would not be much to be delighted regarding a fireplace.

Fire places have actually been focal points of destination in your house. However, it is the fire place mantel that actually highlights the charm of a fireplace. It serves a fireplace like a structure serves a photo. A proper mantel can also increase up the value of our home as a possession considering that it draws out the elegance of the house’ focal point.

Fire place mantels have actually long been around, going back to the Renaissance Period in Italy. The earliest styles were inspired by the architectural supremacy of the Greeks and also the Romans. These designs were heavily stitched with extravagant styles as well as devices. During the advent of the Edwardian age, the creates of mantels became much more refined. Today, design and also products come together to figure out the general look of the fire place mantels.


There are two important points to think about when picking the appropriate mantel for your fireplace. A poorly picked and also mounted fire place mantel is as bad as not having one whatsoever.

Right here are some vital elements to take a look at on Mantels Direct Coupon Code:

-Type of mantel

Selecting the appropriate sort of mantel for your fire place is the most crucial aspect to check out. Different property concepts call for different sorts of fire place mantels. For older properties which are maintained well (which owners would would like to further maintain) an antique fireplace mantel would agree with. We are describing colonial-style residences. The antique mantels have this specific classic quality in them that revives the styles of the older periods.

In figuring out the right type of mantel, people need to initially check out whether they wish to have a mantel shelf or a surround mantel (with creates on the side). Mantel racks work in a different way in the feeling that they highlight the fire place like a crown uplifts a master. The racks are generally holds the prized belongings of the property owner as well as present them for the visitors to view. Mantel borders emphasize the fire place by giving measurements sideways of the fireplace.



Selecting the product to be used in the fireplace mantel is as important as picking the style of the mantel. There are several materials which have come to be popular in regards to fireplace mantels. Let’s take a look at wooden mantels first.

After the First War of the nations, wooden mantels started obtaining popularity throughout the globe. The primary reason it rose in terms of appeal is that wooden mantels are reasonably very easy to install (as as compared to stone or marble). Oak is possibly one of the most preferred type of timber that is made use of in fireplace mantels because of its exceptional top quality. Fiberboard is getting popularity as an alternate material since it is affordable and stylish looking material.

A benefit about wooden mantels is that one could pick the kind of varnish or paint colour that will certainly be used. A downside in using timber as a mantel is that wood is flammable. One ought to check the neighborhood engine company when it come to the laws being used wood as a fire place mantel.


Rock mantels are among the oldest fire place mantels. Using rock as a material for mantels can be mapped back to the 16th century. The most prominent sort of stones that are made use of for mantels are marble, slate granite and also sedimentary rock. Nonetheless, using these rocks can be very hefty for one’s pockets. Cast rock, which is a pre-fabricated sort of stone, is popular today considering that it is quite economical as as compared to the various other rocks. It resembles the pricey stones at a least-costly rate. Cast stone mantels are typically priced starting at 7 hundred dollars.

The fire place mantel is as just as vital as the fireplace itself, maybe not in terms of functionality, however most definitely in terms of aesthetics. Appropriately choosing the ideal sort of mantel and also the best products are the two most important points in mounting a fire place mantel. Mantels could actually be costly but they will really draw out the elegance of a house and also boost its value.